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Other Services


We offer a proofreading service where a professional native speaker scrutinises a translated text and corrects not only spelling, grammar and punctuation errors but also terminology and accuracy of the translation.


Localisation is an essential stage in optimising the quality of a translation that is done with a specific market in mind in order to match language to the cultural nuances of a region or country. We will identify significant non-textual components of your products, services and websites to adapt the translation in its linguistic, cultural and technical aspects.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Although it is not always necessary the use of desktop publishing can be important for translated documents. Sometimes the volume of text for certain language pairs can increase or decrease significantly during translation. Where this is the case DTP is used to improve the appearance of the documents such as manuals, brochures, marketing materials, reports and other graphic design files, so the translated documents resemble the original as closely as possible.


We can transcribe and translate your audio files and video recordings into the target language of your choice.

Voice over and subtitling

For educational, promotional, training purposes we can provide high quality voice recordings and subtitle translations.